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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saifur's IELTS Reading

Well, lets just start off with the damn 1st page of the book, i mean the cover of the book! Yeah, Its got All these as well.....whewwww

***Its a Mixture of Bangla and English***

1. At the very bottom there is:

Saifur Rahman Khan
Dhaka Varsity'r shobcheye lovonio department
IBA (Baebsha Proshashon Institute) er prakton Shikhok,

Well, is this type of writing required?? really...is it required???

2. In the Middle is the big so called "S@ifur Poem"....sucks big time...

agey pore

agey Comprehension ke voy peten
ekhon shei voy hoyeche joy,

agey comprehension ke cholten eriye
ekhon take
dhoren joriye,
agey andaje diten uttor
ekhon bujhe felen shottor,

agey hoto prochur vul
ekhon vul hoy na
ekchul (!)
agey comprehension ke lagto shokto
ekhon shobai tar Vokto...

Can sumone please explain to me, Why, Why, Double Why.....??? Why do u have to write it, no, moreover, why do you even bother coming up with these. He can just make himself a cup of tea at that time and utilize the time properly....Bullshit!!!

Let people Digest these Horribly Pronounced English Benglali Mixtures (HPEBM) and then lets open the freaking book and see wats is store for Us!


  1. ha ha !..u're absolutely right regarding their horrible strategy to convince students..I hate their advertisments and the method they r following as well...ugh the book wt they call "course material" is simply ooogly !

  2. Saifues bhalo but beshi pokpok kore....

  3. As a matter of fact, Organizations like saifur's work with the grass_root level students; so they make such advertisement which seems to be attractive to those target people. If we consider it from a marketing point of view its' effective marketing; yet it sucks big time.... Can't agree more with Humayun...

  4. S@ifur's is the name of a so-called Coaching centre which from it's birth making fool of the people of Bangladesh.They have some nasty and cunning marketing executives who uses their barren brain to find IDIOTIC ideas to
    VICTIMIZE the people by their funny advertisements. They play with the emotion of the people. Their Ideas are so ugly that general people spit on them and curse them for their cheating and deceiving attitude.
    Please click the link below .pls ....

    For facebook :

    (NB: Pls forward this email to all of your friends . )

  5. My name is Tuhin.I am a teacher of IELTS. From my point of view Saifurs is just nothing.When a teaching centre is famous, never go there.They have many things to earn but you have many things to loose........Read Cambridge and prepare yourself with self study and learn as many as vocabularies, use them in written command and read foreign journal.Read some other books of Bangladeshi IELTS book writers in the market....That matters actually.
    If you have anything to ask about IELTS email me at tuhinra@gmail.com

  6. s@ifurs is really gr8. asole dosh ai coaching er na.dosh holo amaer bangalider.amra manush dosh khuje sobhe besi moja pai.s@ifurs er coaching korey ami english valovabe sikhte peresi.arekjon je facebook er wel link dilen.aikhane lekha ase gramer sohoj sorol selera saifurs a vorti hoye kisue sikhte parena,pprotarito hoy.bhy ami London a thaki.sobai bole aikhane naki job nei. aikhane ami amon onk sele dekhsi jara ami school a jabo atao mukh diye uchharon korte dat venge jai.akhn apnie bole doshta kar? keo jodi coaching a pore kisu na sikhe ata onekta ter o fault.karonakta coaching apnake sob koriye dibena.apnake main point gulo dhoriye dibe jate apnar bujhte subidha hoy. ar sob valo valo company er akta na akta khrp lekha lekhi hoy karon amader bangalijatir sobcheye boro kaj hochhe manusher dosh khuja.try to avoid that fucking habit....

    1. vhai apni to valo english sikhte parecen...to comment ta ki English a likhte parten na???Banglay kn likhlen!!??

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